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Сочинение по английскому one day at school

It will depend on my homework. Я прихожу домой очень поздно, и моя мать очень сердита. There are hardly any cloudy or rainy days in this country. After break we have two lessons of Latin. Flamenco dances, which came from Arabic, are also the part of Spanish culture. In the library there are many portraits of famous Russian writers on the walls. In 1863 President Abraham Lincoln appointed a day of thanksgiving, and since then each president has issued a Thanksgiving Day proclamation, generally designating the fourth Thursday of November as a holiday. Many people want to go to the US to get an education, make a career, or just see this truly amazing place. I like to learn new words, to dramatize texts and dialogues, discuss interesting things. One of them is situated on the underground floor. Of course, the Mediterranean Sea, historical landmarks and the ancient cities, such as Andalusia, Seville, Madrid and Barcelona which is one of the most beautiful cities and the biggest ports in the Mediterranean Sea. And in English classroom there are not many tables, because our class is learned by three teachers. America gave the world a lot of great people, such as Abraham Lincoln, James Fenimore Cooper, Ernest Hemingway and Martin Luther King. Each lesson lasts forty minutes. It has passed a long way of formation and has earned respect from other countries. For me Spain is a country of my Dream, which allures me by its unopened secrets and passionate people. That would be so nice to wake up in the morning and go for a walk on Manhattan, visit the famous Wall Street, see Columbia University, stroll along Broadway, stare at the colorful advertising signs in Times Square. The US is state with rich cultural heritage and fascinating history. Наконец я нахожу мои книги в ванной и нахожу мою кепку - мою собаку. All pupils of our school learn some foreign languages. Also there is the headquarters of UN. The government of the USA is situated there and a number of government buildings, like United States Capitol, residence of president of the United States, the White House, and Supreme Court of the United States. There are a number of time zones and two oceans, the Pacific and the Atlantic, between us. There are a lot of interesting books in the library. To be a matador you have to be very tall and desperately courageous. By the way, I want to visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I think it is an international holiday.

By the way, I want to visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Each lesson lasts forty minutes. Наконец я нахожу мои книги в ванной и нахожу мою кепку - мою собаку. Бэйлей, преподаватель математики, собирает нашу домашнюю работу и затем дает нам некоторые суммы, чтобы сделать. Sometimes we have to sit up to write a composition, to prepare a report or to learn a poem by heart. Nobody knows how many years ago it happened, but these dances were immediately loved with all Spaniards hearts and became the national dances of Spain. Valentine, who lived in the 3rd century. Recently, I wanted to "taste "The Big Apple"". Я не люблю это также. I like English, because it's a subject I am interesting in. I would take a lesson from local surfing instructors. I like all holidays.

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